Classroom behavior plan

Behavior Chart & Daily Behavior Charts

Behavior Clip Chart

What Do the Colors Mean:

  • Purple: good choices all day, showing kindness to others, going above and beyond

  • Pink: making good choices, on task majority of the day, very little correction needed

  • Blue: making good choices and on task most of the day, only corrected a few times

  • Green: everyone starts the day on green

  • Yellow: talked to by teacher and need to think about a negative choice they made

  • Orange: was corrected multiple times, teacher chooses a consequence

  • Red: contact home for repeated negative behaviors not resolved in the classroom

Purpose of Chart:

  • Provides clear expecations for the classroom.

  • Gives students a visual for their behavior and provides an incentive for them.

  • Earn treasure box if they get at least one blue or greater day and not yellow or below days.

Behavior Chart Log

Students will be sent home a behavior log daily in their homework folder. For each day, a flower will be colored in matching the area of the clip chart they are in. Additional comments will be left if necessary. Parents are to look this over daily and return in their student's binder the next day. These should also be signed weekly. This is a simple way to communicate about your students behavior in the classroom.

Whole class and Table Group INcentives

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